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Personal Trainers


All applicants must have a 4-year degree, preferrably in a health related field

Job Description:


  • Personal Trainers need to have a current and/or working toward accredited Personal Training certification.

    • Approved Certifications: ACSM, NSCA, NASM

  • Personal Trainers need to have a current CPR/First Aid/ AED certification.

  • Personal Trainers are responsible for providing Fit Nation members with the following:

    • Professional fitness assessments and evaluations

    • Personal private fitness instruction and dietary consultations

    • Supervision of training floor

  • Personal Trainers are required to attend all in-service meetings for staff development.

  • Personal Trainers are to be in Fit Nation Uniform at all times while on duty.

  • Personal Trainers will be required to be adequately groomed and presentable while on duty.

Front Desk

-The front desk is responsible for attending the needs of members, those needs may include:

Job Description

- Greeting each and every member as they enter the facility.

- Monitoring incoming members and assisting with any account issues.

- Enrolling and disenrolling members.

- Drink and merchandise sales.

- Taking calls and addressing member or guest concerns over the phone.

- Attending periodical employee meetings

- Assisting with the basic operation of equipment

- Basic cleaning

In addition, some shifts may be required to open or close the facility. Additional duties for these shifts may include:

- Opening or closing register

- Re-racking weight stacks or picking up trash

- maintaining possession of a key

All front desk staff are required to wear Fit-Nation attire during their shift and must present a professional appearance.

Job Requirements

All front desk staff must be/have:

- 18 or older

- A friendly personality,

- Proficient in basic office programs i.e. excel, word etc. 

- Basic problem solving skills (it is likely that there will only be one employee at a time in the facility for part or all of the shift)

- Strong math and communication skills

Group Fitness Instructor

All Group Fitness instructors must have verifiable group fitness certification/education

Job Description

- Welcome all members into the class, and facilitate a family-like atmosphere.
- Address the members fitness concerns during class hours
- Provide Fit Nation Studio members with a motivating, effective, and safe fitness program
- Teach basic fundamentals of movements, repetitions, and the benefits of each exercise

Job Requirements

Cleaning Crew

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