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"Life is better in running shoes"

Fit Nation offers state of the art cardio equipment including:


       - Treadmills,

       - Elliptical

       - Cross trainers,

       - Recumbent and upright           bikes.

       - Stair Steppers


All cardio equipment includes an LCD Entertainment System that allows the user to watch television on their own personal viewing screen.

Weight Training

"Lifting is cheaper than therapy"

Fit Nation has all the free weights for those who are ready for a more advanced workout. Our free weight area also includes cable motion equipment along with Hammer Strength equipment.

Circuit Training

Crunched for time or need a boredom buster? Circuit Training is a safe, efficient and productive work out that only takes 30-minutes. Circuit Training offers more cardio benefits and can burn 30% more calories while sculpting muscles.

Fit Nation offers state of the art selectorized equipment that is easy enough for any novice to use, yet powerful enough to stand up to more experienced users. Simple-to-follow, instructional placards are integrated on each machine and illustrate proper use and muscles trained.

Resistance Training


Tanning Beds!!
Premium tanning beds offer the opportunity to get a tan or keep that healthy glow. We feature level three beds which allow the user to tan in a shorter period of time. Our beds include facial tanners and body coolers.



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