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Fit Nation's cardio section features 12 Life Fitness CLST treadmills.


Each treadmill provides:

     -A Flexdeck shock absorption             system for runner                               comfortability 

     -Heart rate monitor

     -Max speed of 14 mph

     -Max incline of 15%

     -20+ programs including Air             Force PT test.


If that's not enough every treadmill has its own LCD monitor with HD cable so you can watch what you want, while getting that perfect workout in.


Recumbent Bikes

Looking for a low impact cardio workout? Look no further. We have 9 recumbent bikes split between the cardio section and the cardio cinema that offer a comfortable seated workout that is very gentle on your lower back and joints. Each of our bikes are pre-programmed with:


     -20+ programs

     -several display readouts                     including heart rate, distance,           and calories

     -25 levels of resistance

Additionally, each bike is equipped with its own LCD screen and HD cable service!


Elliptical Cross Trainers

Elliptical Cross Trainers are a great solution for individuals that are looking for a full body workout without putting strain on their joints. Our cardio section includes 8 elliptical and each machine is pre-programmed with:

     -26+ workouts

     -20 levels of resistance

     -Speed Range of 25-100 RPM

     -9 display readouts including             calories burned and RPM

Every Cross trainer has its own LCD screen and HD cable service


Arc Trainer

Arc Trainers are a great way to get your heart rate up in a low impact environment. They are designed to mimic the biomechanically correct movement of your legs, for greater comfort and an intense workout. Our cardio section includes 7 arc trainers and each machine is pre-programmed with

     -7 programs, including interval         and weight loss

     -101 resistance levels

     -11 incline leves

     -Built in Heart Rate Monitor!


Each Arc trainer has its own LCD screen and HD cable service


Power Mills

The Power Mill is designed to mimic the motion of climbing steps and develop cardiovascular health. Additionally, this machine stimulates the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles. The Power Mills come pre-programmed with:

     -4 workout programs including        hill and quick start.

     -8 display readouts, including          heart rate

     -25 levels of resistance

Our Cardio section includes 2 Power Mills.

Stair stepper.png

The Helix Lateral Trainer

This beast of a machine uses lateral movement to activate more muscles, and burn more fat than a traditional workout. With 55% more core activation, 40% more glute activation, 23% faster target heart rate achievement, and 50% more outer thigh work, this machine has all the cardio enthusiast talking. Additionally, the Helix is low impact and actually helps to strengthen the supporting muscles for the knee. It comes pre-programmed with:

     -9 workouts, including heart            rate control and interval.

     -16 resistance levels

     -8 display settings, including            heart rate and time.

Our cardio section includes 2 Helix Lateral Trainers


Upright Bikes

Upright bikes are extremely low impact, and mimic the seating position of an actual bike. All bikes come pre programmed with: 

     -29 workouts, including 5 zone        training workouts and Air Force      PRT

     -25 levels of resistance

     -9 display settings, including            calories burned and RPM

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